Ah yay, Valentine's Day. We all want to be in, even car brands. The morning of the 2015 Valentine's day, Nissan claimed that some guy just "hacked" the brand's official Twitter account. One day before, this guy saw a beautiful girl on the streets of México city. The girl got up on a Nissan March and drove away. The hacking was a desperate attempt of the poor boy to find her. That was the Nissan's campaign.

Somehow, the creative team of Volkswagen found out and decided to do something about it. "Oh, they're gonna help that poor guy", you may think, but no! The exact words were: "Oye @Nissan_mx dile a tu hacker que ya no busque más." ("Hey @Nissan_mx tell your hacker to look no more"). As part of the response, there was a video where you could see a girl comming out of a Nissan March and getting on a VW Beetle with some guy.

It was a funny and fast way to play around with that funny situation.

The hacker response

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The response case study

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My role:

- Hacker response video editing.

- Case study editing.

- Color correction / color grading.